Konoba Pizzeria Lučac, Split

Welcome to Split, a city of Mediterranean cuisine and food related emotions. We present you our most traditional Dalmatian dishes and our 36 years old pizzas for perfect and most authentic experience.

Our goal is to restore traditional ways of cooking meals and making home-made pizzas and eliminate all industrial ingredients from our cuisine. We are proud and excited that we can offer you food just like our elders would do. Explore our Dalmatian mentality and philosophy of life related to good food & wines, and have a great time.


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Frane Šerka — Awarded chef

Frane Šerka

Commitment and passion for our work is most important thing for us. We believe that every meal can be perfect and have a story of it’s own. What we care about is tradition, but not just for the gastronomy, we care about Dalmatian lifestyle and mentality.

Our casual way of living defines our love for Mediterranean cuisine based on fish, meat and vegetables. Last few centuries is what defines us and our region.

During the years our ancestors developed many authentic ways for growing vegetables, breeding of domestic animals, processing fields, wine making, preparing meat products, making cheese and cooking various traditional meals. All of that experiences are deeply embedded in our lifestyle and cooking skills. We are proud on our heritage and our ancestors, and we believe that we can carry on this tradition for future generations.

Get in touch with us and experience the best of Dalmatian traditional cuisine and hedonistic lifestyle.

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